KInIT is an independent, non-profit institute dedicated to intelligent technology research. We bring together and nurture experts in artificial intelligence and other areas of computer science, with connections to other disciplines:

  • Web and user data processing including false information and malicious behavior modeling
  • Processing and comprehension of natural language
  • Data analysis for green energy
  • Information security
  • Ethics and human values in intelligent technologies

We are the first independent institute of its kind in Slovakia

KInIT combines the excellent competencies of academic researchers and educators with innovative companies, their needs and experience.

By involving the private sector, we seek to create a healthy research ecosystem that is connected to existing universities, the Slovak Academy of Sciences and above all to the international community.

Our mission


Slovakia’s competitiveness by amassing diverse talent in a multidisciplinary research environment focused on intelligent technologies


the private and public sectors through active co-operation, education and support for evidence-based decision-making


responsible innovation, expansion of knowledge, talent cultivation


“KInIT combines the best elements of the academic and private sectors. We aspire to conduct world-class research, cultivate talent and prepare our economy for the future.”

Mária Bieliková

KInIT Founder

Our values


We demand the best from ourselves and our partners to ensure that we constantly improve.


We make our decisions, verify our hypotheses, and present our results in a transparent manner.


We support honesty and fairness in our approach to both people and data. Our research is responsible and we always take ethics into account.


We consider our research from various points of view and co-operate with researchers from diverse disciplines. We believe that only a diverse perspective ensures quality.


We are open to questions and new ideas. We seek out challenges and get excited about every new discovery.

Our Goals


Increase the availability of talent in Slovakia by giving young people a reason to stay here and build careers that have strong international connections.


Build a space that fosters impactful, responsible research, attract and nurture top researchers in their given fields and cultivate expertise that could be transferred into the private sector or used in community development.


Stimulate the best solutions to support the use of intelligent technologies in business through research activities that are connected with the academic sphere.


Create and apply schemes that allow effective and economically sustainable research and talent development.

KInIT Leadership

Richard Marko
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, CEO Eset
Martin Kubík
Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees, CIO Tatra banka
Ján Lunter
Board of Trustees Member, CEO Innovatrics
Michaela Benedigová
Board of Trustees Member, Managing Director & Partner, Seesame
Maria Bielikova
Board of Trustees Member, Director General KInIT
Marián Šimko
Board of Trustees Member, Deputy Director General KInIT
Daniela Chudá
Board of Trustees Member
Peter Gál
Chief Operations Officer KInIT
Michal Kompan
Chief Research Officer KInIT
Diana Lokere
Chief People & Culture Officer KInIT

KInIT Team

Viktor Bachratý
Research Consultant
Eva Beláková
Office Manager
Ivana Beňová
PhD Student
Maria Bielikova
Expert Researcher
Miroslav Blšták
Junior Researcher
Anna Bou Ezzeddine
Expert Researcher
Kamil Burda
Research Assistant
Ján Cipár
HR Intern
Ján Čegiň
PhD Student
Matej Čief
PhD Student
Peter Gál
Chief Operations Officer
Tomáš Gál
Ethics Consultant
Adrián Gavorník
Research Intern
Patrik Goldschmidt
PhD Student
Peter Griger
Research Engineer
Gabriela Grmanová
Senior Researcher
Andrea Horváthová
Research Communication Intern
Andrea Hrčková
Senior Researcher
Eva Hrčková
Project Opportunities and Grants Manager
Daniela Chudá
Expert Researcher
Martina Javůrková
Data Protection Officer
Matej Kloska
Research Engineer
Michal Kompan
Expert Researcher
Lucia Kotuľáková
Partnerships Manager
Peter Lacko
Expert Researcher
Marek Lóderer
Junior Researcher
Diana Lokere
Chief People & Culture Officer
Mária Lucká
Expert Researcher
Dominik Macko
Expert Researcher
Michaela Marešová
Communication Consultant
Martin Melišek
Research Intern
Matúš Mesarčík
Ethics and Law Specialist
Martin Mocko
PhD Student
Róbert Móro
Senior Researcher
Elena Moťovská
Project Manager
Pavol Návrat
Expert Researcher
Dominika Nosková
Marketing and Communications Manager
Štefan Oreško
Junior Researcher
Peter Pavlík
PhD student
Branislav Pecher
PhD Student
Matúš Pikuliak
Junior Researcher
Peter Pištek
Senior Researcher
Juraj Podroužek
Senior Researcher
Viera Rozinajová
Expert Researcher
Timotej Smoleň
Research Intern
Sára Soľárová
Research Intern
Ivan Srba
Senior Researcher
Jakub Ševcech
Research Consultant
Jakub Šimko
Expert Researcher
Marián Šimko
Expert Researcher
Martin Tamajka
Junior Researcher
Marcel Veselý
Research Intern
Petra Vrablecová
Junior Researcher

Who was Kempelen?

Wolfgang von Kempelen (1743 – 1804) was born in Bratislava. He was an important polyhistor, polyglot, inventor, artist, playwright but also an illusionist. Today we would say that he was a great innovator. Some of his best-known inventions can be described as a breakthrough in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence: a chess machine and a speaking machine. He is also referred to as Bratislava’s Da Vinci.


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