Peter Pištek

Research areas: forensics analysis, computer security, smart cities, phishing, information security

Position: Senior Researcher

Peter focuses on information security, in particular forensics analysis, phishing, biometrics and smart cities. He is also interested in learning analytics and education data science in research. He is a former vice-dean for Bachelor’s study and propagation at the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies at the Slovak University of Technology.

He developed and headed up a research lab in collaboration with industrial partner Molpir and has supervised more than 50 Bachelor’s and Master’s students. He has participated as a lecturer or assistant in more than ten courses focused on hardware design or information security.

Professional Service

Conferences – Mobility IoT

Selected Projects

Interactive Manufacturing @ Schools

Regional Innovation Scheme, EIT Manufacturing, 2020-2020

Methods for the Design and Verification of Digital Systems with Low Power Consumption Using Formal Specification Languages

VEGA 1/0616/14. 2014-2016

Manufacturable and Dependable Multicore Architectures at Nanoscale

COST Action IC 1103. 2014-2015

Design Optimization of Low-Power Digital and Mixed Integrated Systems

VEGA 1/1008/12. 2012-2015

Security and Reliability in Distributed Computer Systems and Mobile Computer Networks

VEGA 1/0649/09. 2009-2011

Selected Student Supervising

He supervised more than 50 students.


  • Benova Lenka – Anomaly detection and classification of application servers metadata. Ongoing
  • Kaderabekova Vanessa – Data analysis in education as a support in faculty management. Ongoing
  • Lazovy Stefan – Using forensic analysis to recover non-volatile data in a fragmented environment. Ongoing
  • Vyskoc Adrian – Academic success and failure prediction using data analysis methods. Ongoing
  • Andras Radovan – Forensic analysis of network communication. Defended 2020
  • Popernik Adam – Authentication of clients in cyberspace via mobile devices. Defended 2020
  • Harvan Simon – Smart city: People counting in puplic transport. Defended 2019
  • Baranek Tomas – Authentification based on biometrics on Android platform. Defended 2018
  • Hudec Martin – Communication management in multi-client system using SMS gateway. Defended 2017
  • Takacs Gabriel – Synchronization methods for IT in domain of transport. Defended 2017
  • Hoskova Dominika – Information system for the Funtoro platform. Defended 2016
  • Lucansky Jan – Optimalization of multiplexer trees. Defended 2015
  • Polak Martin – Multimedia systems for taxi services. Defended 2015
  • Maruniak Marian – Multiplexer Tree Optimization Methods. Defended 2014
  • Polak Jakub – Optimalization of multiplexer trees. Defended 2012


  • Chmara Adam – Collecting of digital evidence in webbrowsers domain. Defended 2020
  • Rajnakova Veronika Magdalena – Analysis of students data. Defended 2020
  • Yanko Mykola – Forensic tools for collecting digital evidence. Defended 2020
  • Lazovy Stefan – Forensic tools for collecting digital evidence. Defended 2019
  • Trencansky Jan – Virtual car lock. Defended 2018
  • Snopko Jakub – Analysis of the environment impact to the GPS signal. Defended 2017
  • Pohancenik Matus – Sensoric system for Android platforms. Defended 2016
  • Banas Martin – Information system for public transport. Defended 2015
  • Pernecky Patrik – Reduction of binary decision diagrams. Defended 2015
  • Lucansky Jan – Reduction of binary decision diagrams. Defended 2013
  • Suty Karol – Analysis of multiplexer trees. Defended 2011