KInIT is an independent institute focused on intelligent technologies. We represent a new approach to research, development and education in Slovakia. At the beginning of our story, a team of researchers with experience in the academic sector joined up with innovative companies to create conditions for excellent research and prevent brain drain in Slovakia.

We have a clear vision and values and we seek for partnership with all those who share the same values.

We also offer several opportunities

  • for collaboration with innovative companies and academic institutions
  • to match basic and applied research with the needs of the intelligent technology industry and
  • particular focus in artificial intelligence and several domains of computer science with overreach into other disciplines.


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Philanthropic support is vital for meeting our ambitious long-term goals. We rely on the generosity of our supporters to advance these goals. If you believe in our vision, we invite you to be a part of the KInIT community. We offer a range of funding possibilities, such as financial or non-financial donations or direct membership at KInIT. KInIT was established as an Interest Group of Legal Persons. If you want to be a character in our story, contact us for more information on membership options.

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Industrial research collaborations/consultations

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Industrial partnership with KINIT offers companies several possibilities for cooperation. We can help partners to solve specific AI-related problems, bring a new perspective on applied processes or discover new methods. By supporting KInIT in an industrial partnership, your company will contribute to shifting the boundaries of knowledge, improve society and create a space for young people, motivating them to stay in Slovakia.

KInIT is open to collaboration with different types of companies regardless of size. We offer consultations regarding the application of artificial intelligence, data analysis, co-operative research projects or teams, and support for doctoral students, among many other services.

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Academic collaboration

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Most members of the KInIT team have an academic background, with experience stemming from several successful research projects at the national and international level. We want to develop basic and applied research collaborations with universities and other academic institutions. We are open to several forms of co-operation, such as participation in joint consortia, research exchange visits, joint seminars for research groups, or other projects in line with our focus and KInIT vision.

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Education & training

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If you want your employees to improve their knowledge on selected topics involving intelligent technologies and artificial intelligence, our researchers have many years of experience from teaching at universities with international accreditation. We provide basic courses for AI/ML, as well as more advanced courses, depending on your requirements.

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Help us to concentrate talents in Slovakia, achieve excellent basic and applied research based on
responsibility, ethics and economic sustainability.

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