Our aim is to accelerate the economic transformation of Slovakia through increased innovation potential based on excellent research in topics related to artificial intelligence. Inspired by similar institutions abroad, KInIT as a centre of expertise will support companies’ enthusiasm for research, linking them with the academic sector and attracting talent to Slovakia.

ERC grants

We are looking for excellent researchers in any stage of career, who are preparing the ERC project proposal, or are looking for a Host institution (grant awarded).

Towards European excellence through quality research, innovation and talent support.

MSCA Doctoral Network EYES4ICU

KInIT is one of the partners in the European project EYES4ICU. We are offering a joint PhD training programme as part of the project. This interdisciplinary education opportunity combines AI and cognitive psychology and focuses on gaze interaction. The programme will provide enhanced career perspectives for the students through international cooperation, mobility and interdisciplinary curriculum.

MSCA grants

We are looking for talented early stage researchers who wish to develop their scientific vision, network and skills abroad. KInIT is dedicated to supporting potential MCSA fellows, in both the proposal and project implementation phases.

Interested in MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship at KInIT? Let’s do excellent research together.

Doctoral studies

By studying for a PhD at KInIT, you will become an expert in a selected field of artificial intelligence under the guidance of top scientists and work on applicable topics supported by industry. You will be able to apply your knowledge in your career in the industrial or academic world.

Applications procedure will be opened again from January 2023.

No innovation has ever been made without curiosity and without people applying their passion.