Anna Bou Ezzeddine

Research areas: nature inspired computing, optimization, machine learning

Position: Expert Researcher

Anna conducts research focused on energy production and consumption forecasting, as well as microgrid optimization. She has rich experience in nature-inspired computing, optimization, knowledge discovery and data mining. In particular, she used nature-inspired computing to help develop a forecasting system that could predict a country’s macroeconomic development.

She worked for two years as a researcher at the American University of Beirut and for 7 years as an assistant professor at the University of Libya. After these stays abroad, she worked at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava as an associate professor, where she supervised more than 80 successful Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.

To support the community, she works as a reviewer of the international conferences ICCART, AI & Data Science, Big Data Conference, and AI & Data Science in Trading. She is a reviewer for several international journals in Elsevier, Springer, IEEE, Taylor & Francis and is a member of ACM, IEEE and IFIP. She has participated in research projects in co-operation with industry partners Atos and sféra.

Professional Service

Conferences and Workshops: ICCART, AI & Data Science, Big Data Conference, AI & Data Science in Trading


  • Sustainable Computing – Informatics and Systems (Elsevier)
  • Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence (Taylor & Francis)
  • Computer Methods and Programs in Medicine (Elsevier)
  • IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine systems (IEEE)
  • Neuroscience (Elsevier)
  • Computing and informatics (SAV BA)

Selected Projects

Knowledge-Based Approaches for Intelligent Analysis of Big Data

APVV-16-0213. 2017-2021. Partner: Technical University of Kosice (prof. Jan Paralic), Rozinajova, V. – principal investigator for FIIT STU until August 2020

Tumor Heterogeneity in Multiple Myeloma: Evolution and Clinical Significance

APVV-16-0484. 2017-2021, Lucka, M. – principal investigator at FIIT STU

International Centre of Excellence for Research of Intelligent and Secure Information-Communication Technologies and Systems

ITMS 26240120039. 2014-2015. Partner: Atos IT Solutions and Services s.r.o., Rozinajova, V. – principal investigator for FIIT STU

International Centre of Excellence for Research of Intelligent and Secure Information-Communication Technologies and Systems – II. Stage

ITMS 313021W404. Partner: Atos IT Solutions and Services s.r.o. , Rozinajova, V. – principal investigator for FIIT STU until August 2020

Innovative Methods of Teaching Informatics in Large Groups with Support for Online Education

KEGA 028STU-4/2017. 2017-2019, Bielikova, M. – principal investigator

Errors and Uncertainties in DNA Sequencing: Algorithms and Models

VEGA 1/0458/18. 2018-2021, Partners: Comenius University in Bratislava (assoc. prof. Tomáš Vinař), Lucka, M. – principal investigator

Intelligent Analysis of Big Data by Semantic-Oriented and Bio-Inspired Methods in a Parallel Environment

VEGA 1/0752/14. 2014-2017, Navrat, P. – principal investigator

Acquiring, Processing and Visualization of Textual Information Based on Analysis of Similarity Relations

VEGA 1/0971/11. 2011-2014, Chuda, D. – principal investigator

Research of Methods for Acquisition, Analysis and Personalized Conveying of Information and Knowledge

ITMS 26240220039. 2011-2015, Bielikova, M. – principal investigator

Cognitive Traveling in Digital Space of the Web and Digital Libraries Supported by Personalized Services and Social Networks

APVV-0208-10. 2011-2014, Navrat, P. – principal investigator

Support in Preventing Plagiarism in Learning and E-Learning of Informatics

KEGA 345-032STU-4/2010. 2010-2011, Chuda, D. – principal investigator

Supporting Learning by Leveraging Social Relationships and Recommendation

KEGA 028-025STU-4/2010. 2010-2011, Bielikova, M. – principal investigator

Adaptive Social Web and Its Services for Information Accessing and Retrieval

VEGA 1/0508/09. 2009-2011, Navrat, P. – principal investigator

Adaptive Web-Based Portal for Learning Programming

KEGA 3/5187/07. 2005-2009, Bielikova, M. – principal investigator

Models of Software Systems in the Semantic Web Environment

VEGA 1/3102/06. 2006-2008, Navrat, P. – principal investigator

Collaborative Retrieval, Analysis and Presentation of Documents in the Internet Environment by Means of Contemporary Software Tools

VEGA 1/0162/03. 2003-2005, Navrat, P. – principal investigator
All publications: see google scholar profile

Selected Student Supervising


  • Šárik Slavomír – Stream processing of big data. Defended 2015
  • Kasala Štefan – Use of biologically inspired algorithms in DNA folding. Defended 2013
  • Slížik Lukáš – Opinion mining system. Defended 2010
  • Martinkovič Milan – Linking DNA fragments using biologically inspired algorithms. Defended 2013
  • Sabo Štefan – Online retrieval of information from text sources. Defended 2010
  • Coranič Matúš – Obtaining information from the web environment. Defended 2009
  • Kuzár Tomáš – Finding out the interests of web users. Defended 2007
  • Šoltis Martin – Optimization of transport tasks. Defended 2006
  • Horný Peter – Use methods of discovery knowledge from databases for the banking sector. Defended 2004


  • Sumega Miroslav – Nature-inspired computing in practice. Defended 2019
  • Mrva Jakub – Dynamic processes and their optimization. Defended 2018