ZSE: AI for Smart Energy Households

ZSE and KInIT have started a research collaboration focused on disaggregation of customer consumption by identification of individual appliances’ profiles. Statistical and artificial intelligence methods will be used for processing the data from smart meters.

The aim is to increase the level of customer knowledge about their energy consumption through disaggregation and visualization. This will lead to better engagement of customers in utilizing energy and to possible savings in customers’ households. Currently used methods are successful in solving disaggregation tasks on high resolution data. The challenge is to design a novel AI method that can achieve adequate precision on available lower resolution smart meter data.

Marek Tomeš

„ZSE wants our customers to benefit as much as possible from innovations comming from the new era of energetics, including the efficient usage of data measured by smartmeters.“

Marek Tomeš

ZSE, Head of Marketing Department

Project team

Gabriela Grmanová
Senior Researcher
Anna Bou Ezzeddine
Expert Researcher
Marek Lóderer
Junior Researcher
Mária Lucká
Expert Researcher