Gabriela Grmanová

Research areas: machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence, mathematical optimizaiton

Position: Researcher

Gabriela is a senior researcher focusing on artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining and probabilistic modeling. She has applied her research to energy production and consumption forecasting, microgrid optimization and flow cytometry data analysis.

In 2006, she completed a six-month internship at Vienna’s University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. She was a member of the Big Data Analysis group at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and has been involved in several national and international research and industry projects including projects in co-operation with sféra and Atos.

Selected Student Supervising


  • Ogurčák Vladimír – Prediction of electricity consumption. Defended 2016
  • Marcoňák Matej – Activity recognition using mobile sensors. Defended 2015
  • Rabčan Juraj – Creating visual codebooks. Defended 2015 (publication)
  • Kompas Šimon – Methods of DNA assembly. Defended 2015
  • Kyžňanský Michal – Use of biologically inspired approaches in clustering. Defended 2014


  • Hroncová Nikoleta – Clustering of cytometry data. Defended 2020
  • Nemec Radoslav – Image segmentation using clustering. Defended 2014
  • Šimek Juraj – Generating DNA sequences. Defended 2014 (IT Spy)