Juraj Podroužek

Research areas: ICT ethics, AI ethics, Data ethics, Responsible AI

Position: Lead and Researcher

Juraj achieved a PhD in philosophy and conducted research in semantics and analytic philosophy at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. In recent years, he has focused on the ethics of ICT, data ethics and AI ethics. He co-founded the informal E-tika group investigating the ethical and societal impact of ICT, which has launched its own podcast. He is also a member of the national committee on the ethics and regulation of AI.

In his business career, Juraj was an analyst and project manager at various IT companies. He also led a team as a VP of customer success at an innovative start-up that conducted AI-driven, in-store analytics. In the distant past, Juraj also designed computer games and played in a rock band. He likes and writes poetry.

Selected achievements

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