E-tika podcast: Societal and ethical impacts of digital technologies 

Digital technologies improve and simplify our lives. But they also raise new ethical and societal issues. Therefore we should be able to distinguish between what is possible and what is good and desirable.

Sometimes we release new technology and only then we discover its effects on people and society. But sometimes it could be too late. The aim of the E-tika podcast is to bring the topics of societal impacts of digital technologies into the spotlight. 

Together with our guests, we discuss the social and ethical dimensions of digital technologies. We talk about the limits and red lines when developing and deploying new technologies, especially intelligent ones. 

The E-tika podcast is produced by the multimedia center for contemporary culture, Nástupište 1-12, in cooperation with the association E-tika.

The project was supported from public funds by the “Fond na podporu umenia” fund.

Project team

Juraj Podroužek
Lead and Researcher
Miroslav Pikus
IT Communication Consultant
Tomáš Gál
Ethics Consultant 12/2020-01/2022
Matúš Mesarčík
Ethics and Law Specialist
Adrián Gavorník
Research Intern

Podcast episodes