E-tika podcast – two seasons of an open dialogue on ethics in the digital space

In the E-tika podcast, we set ourselves the goal to open up the topics of the social impact of digital technologies. Over two seasons, together with our guests, we have asked where they see the limits of where we should still go when developing and deploying new technologies, and especially intelligent ones. Or where they see the crossing of this red line and why they consider it incorrect.

We tried to have an open dialogue with our guests and allow them to express their views and attitudes on the issues of ethics in the digital space.

In today’s work, however, the card turns a bit. This time, our moderators will be given space to tell us what this podcast brought them, or which topics we talked about here the most resonated with.

In today’s work you will learn:

  • how the E-tics podcast shifted their thinking beyond what is right and what is good with regard to the development of intelligent technologies.
  • Whether there is anything left that needs to be emphasized at the end of the E-tics podcast.
  • How their perception of ethics has changed in relation to AI and other modern technologies.
  • In this Christmas special, we’ll talk about what the E-tics podcast gave us, what we gave him, and all the things you have always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

The podcast is in Slovak.

You can read the English summary of the episode here.

About E-tika podcast

Digital and information technologies improve and simplify our lives. But they also raise new societal issues and challenges. We should discriminate between the solutions that are technically possible and that are morally good. Sometimes we release technology and only then we discover its effects on people and society. But that may be too late. In the E-tika podcast, we discuss with our guests the social and ethical dimensions of digital technologies.

The E-tika podcast is produced by the multimedia center for contemporary culture, Nástupište 1-12, in cooperation with the Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies. The project was supported by public funds by the “Fond na podporu umenia” fund.

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