Matúš Mesarčík in the Media: AI Ethics and Regulation

As artificial intelligence technologies continue to advance, concerns about their ethical implications have grown. Ensuring that AI systems are developed and used in a responsible and fair manner is essential to prevent potential harm. 

Matúš Mesarčík is our researcher specializing in AI ethics, regulation of new technologies and privacy and data protection. With his extensive expertise in this field, Matúš has been sought after for interviews in multiple media outlets, demonstrating his profound knowledge. 

Key committees of the European Parliament made important decisions regarding the Parliament’s position on the proposal for an artificial intelligence act. In a live interview for AKTUÁLNE :24 on RTVS, Matúš delved into the most pressing issues concerning AI regulation. He discussed, for example, how the regulations address content created by artificial intelligence and whether the legislation will effectively address all associated risks. His part can be found at the 14-minute and 30-second mark in the recording.

Where do we unknowingly use artificial intelligence in our daily lives? In Interview :24, Matúš talked about the risks and benefits of AI. He also provided usage guidelines, debunked common myths, and explained why an excessive reliance on artificial intelligence can be problematic.

During the interview in the show “Raňajky” on TA3, Matúš explored the future of AI-powered cars, delving into legal matters associated with AI implementation, automated vehicles, and the roles of human supervision in artificial intelligence. 

The artificial intelligence regulation was also the main topic in the eNkonomika podcast. Listen to the interview where Matúš discussed why we need a set of rules for the responsible use of artificial intelligence, as well as the importance of authorities that will ensure compliance with these rules.

Artificial intelligence offers many advantages, as well as certain risks that we should be prepared for. In the radio show “Z prvej ruky,”, Matúš delved into the risks that artificial intelligence poses for education and medicine, its impact on the spread of misinformation and European regulatory approach to addressing these challenges.