E-tika podcast – Living in disinformation bubbles

Season 2, Episode 1 – Disinformation, fake news and hoaxes are being talked about so they became part of our common vocabulary. Distrust in the information we consume, has manifested itself significantly during coronavirus pandemic or concerning the negative attitude towards vaccination. This episode of E-tika podcast is about the disinformation filter bubbles and their social or ethical impacts.

Juraj Podroužek and Tomáš Gál talk with their guest Robert Móro about how disinformation and filter bubbles enter our lives and what can be done using modern digital technologies. Why is disinformation promoting content so dangerous when encountered on social networks, and how to effectively defend against it with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools?

Róbert Móro is a researcher from the Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies. He focuses on user behavior on the web, artificial intelligence, and user modeling. For the last two years, he has been actively researching the field of misinformation and its automated detection.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What are the filter bubbles, how we get into them and how we may burst them,
  • How the algorithms of social networks are filtering the information for us,
  • What are the cutting edge methods to counter the threats of disinformation,
  • How to protect freedom of speech, while effectively fighting the disinformation and manipulative content.

You can read the English summary of the episode here.

About E-tika podcast

Digital and information technologies improve and simplify our lives. But they also raise new societal issues and challenges. We should discriminate between  the solutions that are technically possible and that are morally  good. Sometimes  we release a technology and only then we discover its effects on people and the society. But that may be too late. In the E-tika podcast we discuss with our guests the social and ethical dimensions of  digital technologies .

The E-tika podcast is produced by the multimedia center for contemporary culture, Nástupište 1-12, in cooperation with the Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies. The project was supported from public funds by the “Fond na podporu umenia” fund.

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