E-tika podcast – Of data and men

Season 2, Episode 5 – Data determines our lives. It governs the social or financial system, prioritizes transport, and distributes health care.

But it also feeds the algorithms that sort the news on our favorite online platforms and manage ads on the websites we visit. Data is the new oil of the digital society. And this raises many hopes, but also many worries.

Current systems of artificial intelligence are used to be said to be only as good as the data we feed them. And one of the most important sources of data is ourselves, the people. Man is not only the one who uses the data but also the valuable data source. In today’s episode of our podcast, we’ll look at:

  • why human oversight of data processing is still crucial,
  • why it’s important to be as transparent as possible to other people when collecting and processing their data
  • how and why artificial intelligence systems  still need human cooperation

Our guest is Jakub Šimko. Jakub is a researcher at the Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies, where he leads the Web and User Data Processing team.

The podcast is in Slovak.

You can read the English summary of the episode here.

About E-tika podcast

Digital and information technologies improve and simplify our lives. But they also raise new societal issues and challenges. We should discriminate between the solutions that are technically possible and that are morally good. Sometimes we release technology and only then we discover its effects on people and society. But that may be too late. In the E-tika podcast, we discuss with our guests the social and ethical dimensions of digital technologies.

The E-tika podcast is produced by the multimedia center for contemporary culture, Nástupište 1-12, in cooperation with the Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies. The project was supported by public funds by the “Fond na podporu umenia” fund.

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