Santiago de Leon

Research areas: eye tracking and recommender systems; psychiatric machine learning

Position: Researcher

I am a Spanish American PhD student at KInIT in the MSCA Eyes4ICU doctoral network. I have a master’s degree in Health Information Engineering from the University Carlos III of Madrid, with previous research experience in physics, neurobiology, chemistry, and mathematics.

I began university level research in high school, as I was selected for a gifted and talented program. At my undergraduate institution, the University of Kentucky, I received the highest merit-based scholarship and graduated with three bachelor degrees in 4 years: mathematics, chemistry, and Spanish.

In 2018, I joined two ongoing research groups in Madrid, Spain, one in psychiatry at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation and the other in machine learning at the University Carlos III of Madrid.

I have multiple publications spanning the fields of mathematical number theory, psychiatry, and machine learning. My current research is focused on the evaluation of users and recommender systems through eye tracking analysis.