The online activity of users produces a huge volume of behavioural data, which can be processed to provide useful knowledge and applications that make digital spaces more convenient, safe and impactful. This involves a range of methods, mostly based on AI.

In the Web and User Data Processing group, we combat false information and online malicious behaviour. We strive to create an extensive infrastructure for collecting online content in large volumes. This content is then monitored by AI-based methods to detect signs of false information and online malicious behaviour. We also make use of information retrieval and recommendations, mostly for e-commerce applications. Our research delivers innovative methods that improve customer experience and business goals. These methods can also reveal connections in our partners’ data to improve their processes and offer personalized services to their customers.


  • Misinformation analysis and characterization
  • Machine learning based detection and prediction methods
  • Interpretation and explanation of  machine learning models
  • User behaviour modelling and segmentation


Jakub Šimko
Lead and Researcher
Maria Bielikova
Lead and Researcher
Michal Kompan
Lead and Researcher
Andrea Hrčková
Martin Hyben
Dominik Macko
Róbert Móro
Pavol Návrat
Ivan Srba
Jakub Fedorko
Research Engineer
Ivan Kačala
Research Engineer
Jakub Kopál
Research Engineer
Ivan Novgorodtsev
Research Engineer
Tomáš Sako
Research Engineer
Róbert Belanec
PhD Student
Ján Čegiň
PhD Student
Matej Čief
PhD Student
Santiago de Leon
PhD Student MSCA Doctoral Network
Branislav Pecher
PhD Student
Lívia Kostová
Research Intern
Tomáš Nagy
Research Intern
Tomáš Remiš
Research Intern
Michal Spiegel
Research Intern

Former members

Elena Štefancová
Researcher 10/2020-08/2021
Matúš Tomlein
Researcher 10/2020-04/2022
Timo Hromádka
Research Intern 07/2022-01/2023
Timotej Smoleň
Research Intern 06/2022-04/2023
Ivan Agarský
PhD Student 09/2022-10/2023
Rastislav Papšo
PhD Student 09/2022-12/2023
Roman Matúš Labuš
Research Intern 07/2023 – 07/2024
Martin Melišek
Research Intern 03/2022-05/2024
Sneha Pareek
Research Intern 05/2024 – 07/2024

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