Four successful Horizon Europe project proposals for KInIT

KInIT succeeded in two more Horizon Europe calls. We are thrilled to announce that another two projects were evaluated by the European Commission as projects with the highest rating and thus they reached the final stage of the grant agreement preparation. 

After months of working relentlessly alongside our partners, we are now awaiting the final step of rewarding the grants in the coming months. This means that KInIT will be part of not “just” two, but four Horizon Europe projects that will focus on different aspects of artificial intelligence. You can read more about the first two project proposals here

One of the projects has the goal to offer an interdisciplinary PhD training programme combining AI and cognitive psychology. This initiative aims to provide enhanced career perspectives for the students through international cooperation and mobility. The diverse consortium in this project is composed of academic and non-academic partner organizations from multidisciplinary fields. 

Connecting the academia with the industry and experts from various fields of competence will ensure applicability, practical relevance, and career opportunities for the students in this research training programme

Identifying, tracking and investigating online disinformation and other problematic content is an extremely complex problem. In partnership with some renowned organizations from all over Europe, we prepared a robust project proposal that addresses this problem. We will build specialized AI tools that will support the public authorities in combating disinformation. This project will cover disinformation from all major sources (social media platforms, fake news websites), in all formats (text, image, video) and in multiple languages. The tools will be tailored to specific use cases and needs, following an ethical-by-design and user-centric approach. The interdisciplinary consortium includes expertise from social sciences, humanities, ethics and computer science. 

We are looking forward to working on these challenging projects, and to further develop our partnerships with academic institutions and organizations from both the private and the public sectors. We will share more information about each of the four Horizon Europe projects in the near future.