KInIT is part of two successful Horizon Europe project proposals

KInIT took part in two highly competitive Horizon Europe calls in partnership with some top-level institutions from all over Europe. We have been celebrating recently as after months of hard work spent on preparations, our joint project proposals received very positive reviews. We are now looking forward to the final step of awarding the grant in the near future.

In the first project, KInIT will work jointly with partners from prestigious European organizations to fight disinformation with AI. The main objective of the project will be helping media professionals by building AI solutions against advanced disinformation techniques. We will also set the foundation for future research in the area of AI against disinformation. 

The second project is focused on bringing the European AI community together to foster the AI research ecosystem, both academic and industrial. The aim of this project is to support and facilitate a sustainable digital platform and experimental environment through the creation of open research channels. We are very proud to be part of the group of leading experts that will work on creating a collaborative platform that will boost the AI research ecosystem in Europe.  

We cannot wait to start working on these challenging Horizon Europe projects, we will share more details after the project kickoffs.