Branislav Pecher

Research areas: machine learning deep learning interpretability and explainability few-shot learning meta-learning misinformation detection learning with limited labelled data

Position: PhD Student

Branislav is a PhD student focusing on misinformation detection and related phenomena, as well as on learning models that involve only a limited number of annotated samples, particularly meta-learning. He is also interested in the interpretability and explainability of various machine learning models, especially neural networks.

He holds a Masters’ degree in Intelligent Software Systems from the Slovak University of Technology. During his studies, he received multiple Rector’s awards for excellent study performance and graduated magna cum laude. He has participated in both national and international research projects and is a former member of a PeWe (Personalized Web) research group.

Misinformation Detection in Healthcare Domain

Feb 24. 2021
APVV SK-IL-RD-18-0004. 2018-2020, Partner: Bar Ilan University (prof. Sarit Kraus), Bielikova, M. – principal investigator

Automated Recognition of Antisocial Behaviour in Online Communities

Feb 23. 2021
APVV-17-0267. 2018-2020, Partners: Comenius University in Bratislava, Technical University in Kosice, Navrat, P. – principal investigator