Natural language processing (NLP) is the intersection of information technology and linguistics. It is concerned with processing the huge amounts of unstructured natural language data that emerge at lightning speed in the digital era – the age of social networks. We research and deliver novel methods to improve NLP tasks of different types, while covering multiple stages of text processing.

Our research combines various approaches, from linguistic and statistical to machine learning and deep learning. We employ novel language models that take advantage of recent advances in the field, while covering a variety of application domains. We focus on open problems related to text classification, information extraction, sentiment analysis and text generation. We look for applications of transfer learning and improving the interpretability of NLP models. Our work includes the processing of low-resource languages, such as Slovak.


  • Neural language models
  • Interpretability and transparency
  • Multilingual learning
  • Slovak NLP


Marián Šimko
Lead and Researcher
Kamil Burda
Michal Gregor
Sebastian Kula
Miroslav Blšták
Research Engineer
Kris Farrugia
Research Engineer
Jaroslav Kopčan
Research Engineer
Eduard Mittaš
Research Engineer
Andrej Ridzik
Research Engineer
Martin Tamajka
Research Engineer
Marcel Veselý
Research Engineer
Matúš Pikuliak
Research Consultant
Viktor Bachratý
Research Consultant
Ivana Beňová
PhD Student
Ivan Vykopal
PhD Student
Alexandra Barančíková
Research Intern
Karolína Hájková
Research Intern
Pavol Kebis
Research Intern

Former Members

Štefan Grivalský
Researcher    11/2020-08/2021
Martin Konôpka
Researcher 10/2020-12/2021
Richard Cepka
Research Intern 10/2022-06/2023
Peter Griger
Research Engineer 03/2022-09/2023
Michael Pavlik
Research Intern 09/2023-01/2024

Research & Innovation Projects

Selected publications