To achieve exceptional results, you need a combination of skilled personnel and an environment which allows you to surprise yourself and others every day. We are working hard to become a role model for excellence through efficient operations. We create problem-free processes, devise strategies, build partnerships, seek out project opportunities and ensure our colleagues and culture develop, so we can expect the unexpected from our researchers.

KInIT Culture


We work systematically, but not in rigid hierarchies

We are prepared to discuss and listen to all ideas. The best point of view on a matter can come from anyone.


We create an atmosphere of trust

In which everyone can learn from their mistakes and perform at their best.


We communicate openly, both internally and with the public

We make the results of our research available to the broad learned public and make our knowledge accessible to laypeople.


We look at the context of our research

We are intentional about what we work on and who we work with. We always look at the specific benefits our research brings and consider the risks and consequences of new knowledge.


We are transparent in our science, management and finance

We are completely transparent with our donors and partners


Viktor Prímus
Chief Operations Officer
Diana Lokere
Chief People & Culture Officer
Eva Beláková
Office Manager
Katarína Házyová
Project Administrator
Sandra Karabelli
Project Manager
Lucia Kotuľáková
Partnerships Manager
Matej Maderič
Product Manager
Miroslava Micová
Senior Project Manager
Marianna Palková
Communications Specialist
Želmíra Schmidtová
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Paulína Števíková
Project Administrator
Kristína Volnerová
HR Generalist
Ján Cipár
HR Intern
Andrea Gazdaricová
Marketing Intern
Andrea Horváthová
Júlia Šufliarska
Marketing Intern