ZSE and KInIT: Extension of a successful collaboration

We successfully completed  the first year of smooth cooperation on the AI for Smart Energy Households project with ZSE.  

Now we are one step further in utilization of artificial intelligence methods for better understanding of energy consumption data. This understanding will lead to a better customers’ engagement in utilizing energy. It will enable ZSE customers to save energy, cut down their utilities costs and lower their impact on the environment.

Researchers from KInIT together with ZSE analysts dealt with analysis of smart meter data, solving the tasks of disaggregation and visualization. 

Disaggregation identifies the individual appliances’ profiles. Visualization presents the discovered knowledge to customers in an understandable way. We used artificial intelligence methods to disaggregate selected appliances, such as electrical heating or a refrigerator. We worked with 15-minute data. ZSE and KInIT plan to continue the collaboration on this project to disaggregate appliances from 1-second resolution data.