Junior Internet: the most interesting projects of the competition

Last weekend, our researcher Peter Pištek participated as a jury member in the Junior Internet organized by Amavet. Several clever and curious primary and secondary school students took part in the competition, dedicating their free time to learning new things.

Together with the other judges, we aimed not only to pick the best projects but we also wanted to provide valid feedback to help all the participants to develop their projects in the future. Some of the solutions were already ready for real life usage.

These were the projects (regardless of the awards received) that really caught my attention:

  • Is it here? – a nice app from the primary school category, which tries to help and provide information about public transport departures and other alternatives (e.g.: public bicycles). The great thing is that the author is trying to gradually cover other cities in Slovakia and is constantly working on improvements.
  • Zverochov.com – another interesting idea by the author who is trying to solve an interesting problem. If owning a dog or cat becomes problematic, one of the last resort solutions is an animal shelter where other people can adopt them. But what about exotic reptiles? The author also tries to educate breeders in this area so that the animals do not suffer.
  • ProjektAlpha – an embedded system that monitors gas flow and possible leaks in homes. It displays all the information on one page. I like that the authors have thought about the devices that have to make the measurements, the communication protocols, but also about presenting the results in a simple and clear way.
  • Online Podpoľanie – an excellent project with a strong element of local patriotism. They got information from a number of local authorities and sources, which provide a comprehensive view of the traditions, food and geographical beauty of this picturesque Central Slovak region.
  • Coffeemod – I would like to highlight this project in particular for its excellent idea of applying circular economy, where waste from one product can be transformed into a new product. In this project, the authors found another use for coffee grounds to solve the problem of smelly shoes 🙂
  • OmegaBo – a great looking 2D platform game. The author designed and prepared the whole game logic, programmed and drew everything himself. You can try the demo now and we can look forward to the full version in the near future.

Other projects that I haven’t mentioned here also have a great potential to amaze us in the future, as they were based on various appealing ideas. I hope that the authors will keep working on their projects and come up with interesting innovations.