5th successful Horizon Europe project proposal

Recently, we have participated in several Horizon Europe calls in partnership with top-level research institutions. This particular project proposal was a special one as it was the only one in which KInIT applied as the project coordinator

And we have succeeded again. We are more than happy to share that our fifth project proposal reached the final stage of the grant awarding process

The project proposal was submitted for a Twinning call. Twinning calls are part of the Horizon Europe framework aimed at fostering networking activities between research institutions from Widening countries and first-rate counterparts from EU Member States

This should contribute to building the research and innovation capacity of EU countries that underperform in terms of Research and Innovation (R&I) performance. Slovakia is unfortunately one of such countries.

Through Twinning, the selected Widening research institution will collaborate with at least two research institutions from at least two different EU Member States. In KInIT’s case, the collaborating institutions will be from Germany, Denmark and Greece

Our Twinning project has three goals. The primary purpose is to foster research excellence of an institution from a Widening country, in this case KInIT. This will be achieved through various training and networking activities such as a series of webinars, workshops and a programme for early career researchers (e.g. organization of a summer school and others).

The main research aim is a joint research project where our consortium will research disinformation combatting problems using AI. We want to improve multilingual and multimodal language technologies for disinformation tackling and to increase the trustworthiness of AI-based solutions.

The third goal is to strengthen KInIT’s research management and administrative skills by increasing the capacities for research support, knowledge transfer in this domain and improving capacities for R&I collaboration. 

We will focus on doing valuable research while developing and growing as a research institution. Very exciting times are ahead of us. 

Overview of the successful Horizon Europe project proposals at KInIT

The objectives of the fifth project are a bit different from the other proposals, but all of them are focused on artificial intelligence. 

The main objective of the first project will be to support media professionals by building AI solutions against advanced disinformation techniques. We will set the foundation for future research in the area of AI against disinformation, too. 

Another project is focused on bringing the European AI community together to foster the research ecosystem, both academic and industrial. We are very proud to be part of the group of leading experts that will work on creating a collaborative platform that will boost the AI research ecosystem in Europe.  

In the third project, we will work to identify and track problematic online content with AI. The main objective is to provide public authorities with AI tools that will support them in combating disinformation. 

Last but not least, we will also offer a joint PhD training programme. The programme will provide enhanced career perspectives for the students through international cooperation, mobility and interdisciplinary curriculum. 

We are looking forward to doing excellent research on these substantial topics with partners from prestigious European organizations. We will be sharing more details about each of the projects once the grant agreements are signed in the second half of the year.