Senior Researcher for AI-based Software Projects in Disinformation Tackling

We seek reinforcements for research of AI-based methods for tackling online disinformation. Our work is embedded in multiple ongoing prestigious international grant research projects (vera.aiVIGILANTCEDMODisAI) and some projects that are about to start (AI-CODE, ExU). All these projects solve various aspects of online disinformation and aim to deliver a variety of AI tools to serve various professionals (fact-checkers, journalists, police authorities, strategic communicators, …) in disinformation tackling.

Our projects, mostly Horizon Europe, are solved by top-notch international consortia including researchers from respected research institutions (such as Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, Trinity College Dublin, University of Sheffield or Centre for Research and Technology Hellas) and practitioners from top European media organizations (such as AFP or Deutsche Welle).

Within the broad field of AI, our research methods are usually close to limited (labeled) data learning (e.g., semi-supervised learning, transfer learning, weak supervision learning), Natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLMs), Human-in-the-loop techniques, and  Transparent, interpretable and explainable AI (and AI ethics in general).

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Research and creation of AI models and methods 
  • Acquisition, cleaning, and preprocessing of data for statistical analysis and machine learning
  • Research of methods for data annotation and organization of annotation activities
  • Application of AI models for practical problem solving
  • Experimental software development
  • Design and execution of studies
  • Scientific publishing and grant preparation
  • Research project management
  • Leading junior researchers and interns

Employee perks and benefits

KInIT combines the excellent competencies of academic researchers and educators with innovative companies, their needs and experience. By involving the private sector, we seek to create a healthy research ecosystem that is connected to existing universities, the Slovak Academy of Sciences and above all to the international community. In Slovakia, KInIT is a one of a kind scientific institute with top notch Slovak AI scientists and AI enthusiasts on board.


Let’s build tools to tackle disinformation!

Jakub Šimko

Lead and Researcher, Hiring manager


  • English 80%

Personality and profile requirements

  • PhD (or equivalent research training)
  • 6+ years of experience in academic or industrial research in one of the following areas:
    • Software Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Data Science
  • Experience in machine learning
  • Data cleaning, pre-processing, and analysis
  • Nice to have skills / preferred areas of experience:
    • Python programming 
    • Research project management
    • Automatic data collection from the web (scraping, APIs)
    • Natural Language Processing, LLMs

We are open to discuss junior position engagement in case your experience doesn’t match our requirements.

Our technology stack

Python, JavaScript, Jupyter, Git, GitHub, Docker, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, PyTorch, Keras, Pandas, scikit-learn (it is not expected to have experience with all mentioned technologies)


2500€ gross (the final offer depends on the seniority of the candidate and previous experience)

Information about selection process
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