Monant and Fireant

To tackle online false information, KInIT continuously develops a research platform called Monant. The primary aim of the Monant platform is to be a universal and easily extensible software infrastructure, which provides:

1) support for data collection using data providers,

2) an AI core which enables deployment and integration of AI models, and

3) data access to stakeholders via the Rest API and the Fireant web portal.

The main source for the data collection is web monitoring of news sites / blogs, fact-checking portals, and social media (using crawlers, scrapers and API adapters). The AI core allows analysis and annotation of the collected data by AI models (e.g. detectors of false claims, sentiment analysers, hate speech detectors). Finally, the platform provides user interfaces for accessing collected data and the results of the automated analyses, and for platform management. The purpose of the platform is to collect and annotate in real time as much data as possible for false information characterization, detection and mitigation; and thus provide support for false information combatting scenarios (e.g. fact checking).

Project team

Ivan Srba
Branislav Pecher
PhD Student
Róbert Móro
Elena Štefancová
Researcher 10/2020 – 08/2021
Jakub Šimko
Lead and Researcher
Maria Bielikova
Lead and Researcher