Marián Šimko on teaching AI to detect lies

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, researchers face the challenge of teaching AI systems to detect lies. The ability to detect lies could have far-reaching implications in various fields, from law enforcement to finance and human resources. However, it’s not as simple as just programming a computer to spot dishonesty.

Marián Šimko, in his interview for, shared insights into the complex task of teaching artificial intelligence to detect lies. Read the article (in Slovak language) to learn more about:

  • What challenges are posed when teaching artificial intelligence to detect lies?
  • Why is it hard to determine what qualifies as a lie?
  • In what way do AI systems struggle with interpreting context and nuances?
  • What are the potential benefits of AI in detecting fraudulent claims in insurance or financial applications, or screening job candidates who may not be truthful in their resumes?
  • Could AI become a universal tool for preventing lies?