Maria Bielikova for the AmCham magazine about success and values

Maria Bielikova gave an interview for the Connection magazine published by the AmCham Slovakia. The current issue “Innovation in the Digital Age” brings 20 inspiring interviews. Maria shares her thoughts about talent and brain drain in Slovakia and its impact on the development of the entire society. 

The interview follows with more detailed ideas on cooperation between sectors, that Maria sees as one vital ecosystem. Further questions elaborate in greater detail about the role of the state, how it should support the success of Slovakia and why it is important to have a robust support system for research and innovations. 

The interview also brought an opportunity to talk about the achievements and learnings KInIT has experienced in the first 18 months of its existence. It enfolds with final questions about core values, KInIT’s mission and key  projects for the future. 
Read the full interview here or download the magazine.