An interview with Mária Bieliková: Women in technology then and now

Nowadays, we use a number of great technologies based on the achievements of science and research. However, not everyone is aware that many key technical innovations were invented by women. For example, the first computer program was written by a woman. Born into a distinctly patriarchal world of the Victorian era, Ada Lovelace was far ahead of her time in understanding the potential of computing.

What opportunities did women have and what barriers did they face in building a career in a male-dominated industry on the break of the 20th and 21st century? And why should they choose a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)?

Mária Bieliková has been dedicated to technology and innovation for more than 30 years of her career. On the occasion of the “Women’s History Month” in March, she gave an interview to our partner ESET. Read the interview to find out:

  • How she decided for a career in computer science
  • What’s the situation with gender equality in the IT sector
  • What are the differences in thinking between men and women and how they complement each other
  • Whether girls need role models in order to choose a technical field as their future career
  • What advice would she give to parents who want to help their children succeed in technical fields

Enjoy reading the full interview!