Interview with Maria Bieliková for HN Magazín: “I enjoy enabling people to become go-getting experts.”

Read the interview with Mária Bieliková for the HN Magazín, where she revealed how KInIT differs from her time at the university and she also shared a trick to better manage your work responsibilities.

“I have always been recharged by the people around me. For example, when we participated in various competitions with my students, I was ‘recharged’ for the next semester.”

Mária Bieliková

In the interview, you will find out among other things:

  • how intelligent technologies can help in detecting harmful content on the internet
  • how model of artificial intelligence could help the police or the energy sector
  • how KInIT was founded and what our institute is working on
  • what is meant by excellent and responsible research in the area of artificial intelligence

You can read the full interview here (the full article in Slovak is available for subscribers).