Ivan Srba is a finalist in the ESET Science Award

We are thrilled to announce that Ivan Srba is one of the finalists in the category “Outstanding Scientist under the age of 35” of the ESET Science Award, the most prestigious scientific award in Slovakia. 

The fifth edition of the ESET Science Award, themed “Science Without Borders,” highlights exceptional scientific figures. The initiative is organized by the ESET Foundation in close partnership with award ambassadors, prominent scientific institutions, and embassies in Slovakia. 

The organizers have unveiled this year’s finalists, from whom a trio of laureates will be selected by an international commission led by Nobel prize laureate Michel Mayor. 

We’re proud and thankful that Ivan Srba, a researcher at KInIT specializing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, is one of the finalists. In his research, Ivan studies AI language models like ChatGPT and how they affect the spread of false information.

The ultimate goal of Ivan’s research is to mitigate misinformation on social media platforms. His research has led to the development of a global fact-checking database that allows fact-checkers to input posts in their native languages, like Slovak, and find similar posts that have already been fact-checked, even in other languages. This research is essential, as it can help address important concerns related to regulating social media content.

Ivan is currently working on a tool that screens online content and provides credibility analysis. It helps fact-checkers decide whether a text is worth evaluating and signals to journalists that the article may not be a reliable source of information.

In addition to tackling disinformation, Ivan also aims to empower journalists by educating them to harness the latest artificial intelligence technologies, including the mentioned language models, for more efficient and trustworthy content creation. 

You can also watch a short video about Ivan’s work (in Slovak):

The names of the laureates will be announced on October 12th at 20:10 during the ceremonial gala evening, which will be broadcasted live on the channel RTVS 2. 

Fingers crossed for Ivan! We wish you the best of luck and believe that you will continue to make significant contributions to your field!