CEDMO brief on disinformation narratives in Slovakia

New insights have emerged in a recent CEDMO brief. This edition delves into the prevalent disinformation narratives in Slovakia, particularly in the context of the upcoming elections.The survey was conducted by Ipsos, in collaboration with the Central European Digital Media Observatory (CEDMO), in which KInIT is a partnering organization.

Regarding the determination of information truthfulness, both Czechs and Slovaks found it relatively easier to assess the truthfulness of information regarding high inflation, the national debt, and the COVID-19 epidemic. However, they faced difficulties in determining the truthfulness of information concerning the energy crisis, the war in Ukraine, and the European Commission’s policy on the future of the automotive industry. 

When considering the closest partners of the Slovak Republic, the survey revealed that Slovaks primarily consider the Czech Republic, Austria, and the Visegrad Group as their important partners. Additionally, 45% of the population chose Poland, while 38% expressed a desire for a close partnership with Hungary. 

Moreover, the survey revealed that a notable portion of Slovaks harbored reservations about certain countries and international institutions as potential partners. Only one-third of the respondents identified the Russian Federation as a country that Slovakia should not consider as a partner. Additionally, a significant number of participants expressed rejection towards the Eurasian Economic Union, the United States, and NATO as well. 

The survey was conducted on a representative sample of the population aged 18 and above from May 16th to June 16th, 2023. A total of 1047 respondents participated in the Czech Republic, while 1004 respondents participated in Slovakia.

You can read the whole brief here.