Interest of ambassadors in the innovations of KInIT and its partner Innovatrics

On February 21, the 14th in a series of “Innovation Day” meetings was organized by State Secretary Ingrid Brock from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim of the meeting was to show the innovation potential of selected Slovak companies and institutions. Ambassadors from Bratislava and Vienna, which are responsible for Slovakia, were invited.

We are very pleased that this time the ambassadors visited our Kempelen Institute at HubHub premises. Together with our partner Innovatrics we presented:

  • KInIT’s vision and activities, by which we contribute to retaining and attracting talent, and connecting the world of academia and industry through excellent research
  • Examples of KInIT’s cooperation with industry, and also in connection with basic and applied research
  • Connection with our partner Innovatrics, who supports both basic and applied research, and with whom we also are sharing know-how in an area of deep learning between research teams or, more broadly, in community-based knowledge sharing through Better_AI meetup.

The artificial intelligence we are researching has a real potential to solve several societal problems, such as energy, ecology, cyber security or technology ethics. It can also help kick-start innovation in Slovakia. However, working with it must be thoughtful, and that is why we are examining its effects on people and society.

Innovatrics presented their biometric solutions, which are some of the best in the world. The company is not only one of the most profitable Slovak companies in the field of information technology, but also one of the best examples of Slovak high-tech exports.

We were pleased that the ambassadors were interested in our approach and especially appreciated that we were also dealing with the topic of misinformation; it was felt that they strongly perceived this topic. The presentations were followed by individual discussions between our researchers with ambassadors. International experience is very important for us at KInIT, and this activity will certainly contribute to a greater recognition of Slovakia and interesting activities in the world. We at KInIT believe that it will also attract Slovaks or friends from Slovakia who work abroad and deal with artificial intelligence.