Slovak government is starting to use artificial intelligence for debt collection

Slovenská konsolidačná, a state-owned enterprise, has launched a pilot project for the deployment of artificial intelligence as a support function in the state’ s debt collection process. 

We are happy to be part of this project as artificial intelligence is rarely utilized in the Slovak government. Our role in this project is to come up with machine learning  methods that would enhance the process efficiency. With the use of artificial intelligence, we can support and accelerate the debt collection process. 

We primarily focus on various machine learning models, including neural networks, which bring a qualitative shift when combined with the knowledge of experienced employees.

The model is able to prioritize incoming claims based on historical data. At the moment, employees are using the model’s predictions as decision support for their existing processes. Although the project is still in its pilot phase, the system is already helping to sort individual claims by urgency, thus reducing collection time and increasing the likelihood of settlement.

More information about the project is available on the website of the Ministry of Finance (in Slovak only).