KInIT is involved in the International Visegrad Fund project as a partner in the consortium of V4 countries, Armenia and Georgia. The project: “Network4Growth – Innovation and technology transfer network for development and economic growth” focuses on the advancement of innovative ideas in the Central and Eastern Europe. The project is coordinated by the Czech leading partner Unico.AI.

The project tackles moderate innovation performance, poor internationalization of R&D and lack of knowledge sharing and cross-border cooperation in technology transfer in V4, Armenia and Georgia. There are 4 important pillars to meet the project objectives – internationalization; exchange of knowledge; promoting the innovation potential and building capacities for technology transfer in Armenia and Georgia in V4. 

Internationalization and building long-lasting cross-border partnerships will be established through the networking of professionals, a series of events and an online innovation ecosystem. Sharing good practice examples of local development based on R&D and tech transfer across the regions will enable various stakeholders to better utilize the scientific excellence available in V4, Armenia and Georgia. Bringing professionals from business, academia and public administration from all 6 countries together will increase their innovation performance and consequently foster sustainable growth and employment opportunities. The project will highlight the excellence and opportunities in Armenia and Georgia to a professional audience in V4.

KInIT has a key role in representing Slovakia in Network4Growth. Acting as an independent non-profit institute focusing on IT research (mainly AI, data science, machine learning, information security and software engineering), the mission of KInIT is to improve Slovakia´s competitiveness by amassing diverse talent in a multidisciplinary research environment, to connect private and public sectors through active co-operation and to encourage responsible innovation. 

During the project implementation, KInIT will carry out activities focused on mapping key stakeholders of the country’s innovation ecosystem, contributing to the online events for attracting representatives from academia, business and public institutions, collecting and delivering data for the virtual innovation ecosystem of key stakeholders. The results will be delivered through the strong cooperation with excellent scientists and private companies in Slovakia. The overall project activities and outputs are supposed to be accomplished by all the partners involved by autumn 2022.


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