Join us on the hackathon Code against hate II

Online hate speech is becoming a serious problem that makes virtual communication unpleasant. That is the reason why we accepted the invitation to participate in the hackathon Code against hate II organized by OZ DigiQ. Therefore, if you decide to sign up for this hackathon either alone or together with your team, you will have the opportunity to consult your solutions with our mentors: Matúš Pikuliak (for NLP) and Tomáš Gál (for IT ethics). As one of the keynote speakers, you will also meet KInIT expert for data science and machine learning Ivan Srba and your ideas will be evaluated in the jury by the head of the research team for ethics and human values ​​in technology, Juraj Podroužek

As part of the hackathon, you can sign up for one of 2 challenges: texts or images. Participants can either create a new solution or improve the past proposals that were created during the first hackathon (the source code and its audit from an external institution will be available). 

Code against hate II is focused on creating a functional solution that will lead to a deployable version. After the end of hackathon, the winning team can work with AI Multimedia Lab from Romania to complete its prototype. Datasets from Twitter will also be available for hate speech analysis. 
The international hackathon Code against hate II will take place with the participation of Slovak representatives, as well as researchers and experts from countries such as Great Britain, Romania and Estonia. The goal set by the organizer is to educate about digital citizenship by activities, the essence of which is also the awareness of responsibility for one’s own online behavior. We are pleased that our institute can join this noble goal and offer its expertise as well as experience.