Issues and challenges regarding operationalisation of AI ethics in practice

Oresko, S., Podrouzek, J.

New technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) are gradually reshaping modern society. However, their research, development, and deployment are also accompanied by various problems of technical as well as moral nature. The ethics of artificial intelligence as a sub-discipline of applied ethics has the ambition to theoretically reflect on these problems and propose ways to solve them. We aim to present the challenges we currently face in operationalising the ethics of artificial intelligence in practice. These challenges include the problems with the proper application of ethical principles ​​to solve moral dilemmas, the risks of reducing AI ethics practice to its tools, and the risks of abusing AI ethics frameworks to achieve morally dubious goals. Based on our experience with conducting ethics-based assessments of AI systems and facilitating numerous ethics workshops with AI teams, we introduce some of these challenges in more detail. We also suggest several ways of solving the aforementioned challenges regarding research, development, and deployment of trustworthy AI systems.

Cite: Oresko, S., Podrouzek, J. Problémy a výzvy pri implementácii etiky umelej inteligencie do praxe. Etické teórie – neetická prax. Zborník vedeckých príspevkov z výročnej medzinárodnej vedeckej konferencie SFZ pri SAV. Bratislava: Slovenské filozofické združenie pri SAV (2023).

Note: the article is written in Slovak.


Štefan Oreško
Juraj Podroužek
Lead and Researcher