Seesame: Understanding social media conversations through AI

Social networks are a phenomenon of today with a significant impact on society. They can significantly shape public opinion.

Discussions on social networks can be stimulating and bring new ideas, but we also often encounter situations where it is necessary to cultivate the discussion.

In cooperation with Seesame we conduct research on natural language processing (NLP) methods, which improves communication on social networks.

As part of our project, we focus on research and development of automated methods that allow us to analyze the sentiment of the discussions on social networks. We examine how standard approaches are appropriate for this type of content, how well deep-learning handles them, and whether it is beneficial to combine these approaches.

In addition to generating new knowledge, the project also results in a new tool for analyzing the content of social networks in Slovak. Our goal is to make the work of social media managers easier. The tool helps them understand discussions and interactions with visitors on the social media fanpages faster and better. They can then adjust the communication strategy and cultivate the discussion.


“In PR, understanding of social conversations is essential. Automation leads us to robust insights quicker.”

Juraj Caránek

Seesame, Head of Corporate Team & Partner

Project team

Martin Tamajka
Research Engineer
Marián Šimko
Lead and Researcher
Martin Konôpka
Researcher 10/2020-12/2021
Miroslav Blšták
Research Engineer
Marcel Veselý
Research Engineer

Former team members

Štefan Grivalský
Researcher    11/2020-08/2021
Elena Štefancová
Researcher 10/2020-08/2021