KInIT at the European Researcher’s Night

On September 29, 2023, the 17th edition of European Researcher’s Night took place in Bratislava.

Researchers’ Night, an annual celebration of science and innovation, serves as an inspiring platform for the next generation of thinkers and innovators. It provides children, young people, and families with the opportunity to explore the world of research through fun and educational activities, including scientific presentations, games, quizzes, competitions, exhibitions, and digital experiences. This year, the two main themes were water and artificial intelligence.

Mária Bieliková was part of the opening discussion on the topic “Is artificial intelligence coming just in time to save us from ourselves?” together with Lena Adamus and Pavol Siman.

During this year’s edition, KInIT was the expert guarantor of the AI topic, with researchers from the Natural Language Processing, Web & User Data Processing a Ethics and Human Values in Technology teams actively participating in the program. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to take part in such an impactful event that motivates young people throughout Europe to pursue education and self-improvement. 

On Researchers’ Night, we talked about our European projects focusing on text and information processing – e CEDMO, Vigilant,, DisAI and Eyes4ICU. We showcased examples of our work within the CEDMO project, with the highlight being our state-of-the-art fact-checking tool. This tool has been developed to combat the spread of misinformation, a growing challenge in today’s digital landscape. Additionally, we introduced the CEDMO game, a creative endeavor designed by one of our doctoral students, Ján Čegiň. By participating in the game, attendees had the opportunity to contribute to the training of the artificial intelligence models. 

We also addressed a wide range of AI topics, aiming to educate and inspire attendees. Our activities included various interactive games, such as the KInIT-developed Slovakian Wordle. We also offered a creative experience with “Poetics with ChatGPT,” allowing participants to experiment with poem creation with ChatGPT’s assistance. 

Furthermore, we conducted a survey titled “Are You Smarter Than Artificial Intelligence?” in which participants could insert a word into a sentence based on an image and compare their answers with AI models that process both images and text. Among these engaging activities, we also explored the ethical dimensions and potential risks associated with AI. Our team of AI ethics experts engaged in thoughtful dialogues about the ethical dilemmas posed by AI technology. 

Researchers’ Night provided us with a valuable opportunity to connect with curious minds, share our research, and emphasize the importance of artificial intelligence in today’s world. We’re very grateful for the chance to participate in this event!