Artificial intelligence in war conflicts and on the internet: Mária Bieliková in an interview for ČT

The European Union and its Member States are planning to increase funding for artificial intelligence, actually a double increase of investment is estimated. 

While artificial intelligence algorithms and technologies based on it help in various civilian situations (such as search and analysis, control of cars or drones), it is also used in war conflicts, e.g. when technology based on AI helps to recognize images for victim identification. 

Mária Bieliková was a guest on the Czech Television’s Studio 6 Weekend broadcast, where she talked about these sensitive topics.

Watch the video to find out (from approx. 2h 40minm in Slovak only): 

  • How artificial intelligence is used in war conflicts
  • What the risks of using artificial intelligence are and whether artificial intelligence can start a nuclear war on its own
  • Whether weapons that use artificial intelligence are sufficiently regulated
  • What artificial intelligence tools are used in cyber warfare
  • How fast a person can get into an information bubble and whether they can get out of it
  • How thin is the line between when artificial intelligence serves us and when it already harms us
  • What use will artificial intelligence have in the future