Mária Bieliková and Juraj Podroužek on current development of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our daily lives, revolutionizing sectors such as navigation, language translation, medicine, and weather forecasting.

In a recent interview on the show Svet:24, Mária Bieliková and Juraj Podroužek delved into the current development of Artificial Intelligence. Their conversation shed light on the transformative power of AI and the need for responsible and ethical integration of this technology into our society.

Watch the discussion to gain valuable insights on: 

  • How has artificial intelligence evolved and what is the future direction of its development?
  • What are the current capabilities and real-life applications of AI?
  • Why is it crucial to consider how humans interact with these technologies?
  • How will AI simplify tasks and empower us with enhanced abilities?
  • What are the ethical and security challenges associated with the use of artificial intelligence?

The interview was recorded in Slovak language.