Michal Gregor

Research areas: deep learning, multi-modal learning, reinforcement learning, prior knowledge

Position: Researcher

Michal has worked in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning for some time, focusing especially on artificial neural networks and deep learning, on reinforcement learning, and more recently on multi-modal learning and learning that involves language supervision. He also has experience in other areas of AI such as metaheuristic optimization methods, representation of uncertain knowledge, probabilistic models and more.

He has participated in a number of national and international projects as a researcher and has led several projects as a coordinator / principal investigator. He has been on exchanges and secondments to several research institutions internationally, including e.g. UC Berkeley, the University of Patras, Tongji University in Shanghai and others. In 2019 he founded the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence of the University of Žilina (LUIZA). He has served as a reviewer for international journals and conferences and participated in their boards. He is a member of the executive board of AI4SK and an honorary member of Slovakia’s National Centre of Robotics.

Michal also has a strong background in education: during his academic career, he has created and taught several university courses on machine learning, AI and data analysis. He has participated in a number of education-oriented projects: both national and international, all of them focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Since 2019 he has been co-organizing the annual Machine Learning Summer School at the University of Žilina. He has supervised and consulted a number of undergraduate and graduate theses in AI and machine learning and co-authored several textbooks, including the first Slovak deep learning textbook. He has given a number of popular lectures in the same area as well.