Transparent and trustful user profile (T2UP)

Personalization has long been one of the hot topics on the web. The problem is that this all happens essentially without the control of the user herself. She would perhaps like to remove some of the footprints left on the web and delete some of the information but has no means to achieve that.

Today’s industry standards ignore the user role in the feedback control or provide only a time filter to the user’s collected data. Although some approaches – most prominently the SOLID – transfer data ownership completely to the user’s side, they still need to implement better mechanisms for users’ data control.

Our aim is to give users control regarding the footprints on the web. We want to achieve this by:

  1. exploring ways in which users could gain a better insight into the data recorded about them,
  2. proposing approaches for anomaly detections and thematic clustering in the user data streams,
  3. proposing ways for users to edit or delete what they do not want in their profile.

The expected outcomes are:

  1. novel data analysis approaches evaluated in the domain of e-commerce,
  2. a proof-of-concept solution providing easy integration for existing solutions (e.g., the SOLID project).