O2 Slovakia: Efficient analysis of customer’s chat communication

The use of artificial intelligence in order to improve services provided to hundreds of thousands of O2 Slovakia customers is one of successful examples of how we at KInIT fulfil our mission to contribute to innovations in companies through research.

For many companies, instant contact with customers via the web or mobile applications is the key to improving their services. Chat communication is becoming increasingly popular. Quality evaluation and reporting on a vast number of conversations that customer support staff performs requires an automated solution. The nature of chats is a relatively big challenge from the natural language processing (NLP) point of view. 

In cooperation with O2 Slovakia, we prepared a solution that automates classification of chats that O2 customers have with customer support center staff. We researched and developed methods that deal with the “rough” language, typos, presence of domain-specific terms, and usually missing context. We evaluated statistical approaches as well as machine learning methods. We also used the latest advances from the so-called deep language learning and modeling.

Our common goal with O2 Slovakia goal is to better understand customer needs and ultimately improve the services provided via the gained knowledge and developed methods.

“Processing natural language with sufficient level of accuracy presents a problem that is still being tackled both in academy and commercial companies with various levels of success. We were glad that we had a chance to tap into an experienced team of Kinit researchers that provided us with a robust framework for processing Slovak language.”

Ján Vanovčan

O2 Slovakia, CIO

Project team

Miroslav Blšták
Research Engineer
Marián Šimko
Lead and Researcher
Martin Tamajka
Research Engineer
Matúš Pikuliak
Research Consultant