Matúš Pikuliak in the Media: Language Models

Towards the end of November last year, OpenAI introduced what may be considered one of the most significant breakthroughs in the world of artificial intelligence – the ChatGPT language model. This groundbreaking development allows users to communicate with the model on practically all topics, revolutionizing the way we interact with AI. 

Our researcher Matúš Pikuliak, with his extensive expertise in the field of Natural Language Processing, has been sought after for interviews in multiple media outlets, demonstrating profound knowledge in the field of language models.

Artificial intelligence is shaping not only our everyday lives but also the functioning of businesses. In an exclusive interview for the magazine TREND, Matúš delved into the ways ChatGPT can assist companies and the resulting advantages, disadvantages, and potential threats. 

ChatGPT has become a topic of interest for educators worldwide, as it can generate essays for school assignments upon request. Matúš Pikuliak contributed to the debate surrounding this artificial intelligence tool in an article for Dive into the piece to explore the experiences of university professors with the language model ChatGPT.

Matúš also appeared in an interview for :rtvs, where he discussed the DisAI project. Additionally, Matúš highlighted collaborations with diverse fact-checking organizations, demonstrating the impact of artificial intelligence research.

Furthermore, in another interview for :rtvs, Matúš discussed the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence, particularly in relation to its impact on the political landscape and social media platforms. He also addressed the concerning issue of generative language models and cheating in schools, exploring measures that educational institutions can implement to detect such practices among students.