KInIT joined the official visit of President Zuzana Čaputová in Italy

Our researcher Viera Rozinajová had a unique opportunity to participate in the two-day official visit to Italy of Zuzana Čaputová, the President of the Slovak Republic

The visit took place on April 20 to 21 2022 in Rome, the main focus was the Slovak – Italian business forum on green transition. The programme was focused on the environment and circular economy, the primary objective was to connect Slovak and Italian green energy experts. 

Source: Viera Rozinajová standing next to president Zuzana Čaputová 

Connecting the Slovak and Italian green energy experts 

The green transition is a top priority of the recovery plans in both Italy and Slovakia, but in the current situation it takes on a whole new dimension. Green transition has become an opportunity to reduce our overall dependence on fossil fuels and to gradually diversify our energy supplies.

The delegation group included representatives from Slovak companies and institutions involved in the green transition, including energy sector and digitalisation.  

Viera Rozinajová was part of the delegation as we are actively working on the green energy topics at KInIT. Our research goals include improving methods for predicting energy consumption and generation, optimizing smart grids and other challenges associated with emerging phenomena in the energy sector. We use machine learning methods and statistical analysis in our research activities.

The business forum of Slovak and Italian companies enabled exchange of experiences and contacts between public, scientific and private entities working in the field of renewable and sustainable technologies. It created space to share knowledge both across countries and sectors. More than 50 Slovak and Italian entrepreneurs had the opportunity to establish new connections that could become the foundation for new innovative projects

The delegation also had the opportunity to visit the research laboratories of the National Agency for New Technologies Enea and the Start-up Center of the LUISS University.