STRATPOL conference “Disinformation, Society and Democracy”

On September 29, 2021, we  had an opportunity to be one of the partners of the conference “Disinformation, Society and Democracy” organised by STRATPOL, Slovak Security Policy Institute and Gerulata Technologies.

The leitmotif of the conference was the issue of disinformation and the challenge they pose for a healthy society and a functioning democracy. The conference program brought current topics such as the Action Plan for European Democracy, the issue of regulation of social networks and freedom of speech or the readiness of the Slovak Republic to face disinformation and lead modern strategic communication. 

It is important for Slovakia to create a strategy on how to fight disinformations and create information security. Dealing with disinformation on a scientific basis and researching how to use artificial intelligence for the best in this field, has been one of the research areas of KInIT. 

During the conference, our CEO, Mária Bieliková, participated with Miroslava Sawiris from GLOBSEC and Michal Trnka from Gerulata Technologies, in the panel discussion “What are possibilities and limitations of monitoring of online content”.