INOFEST – the festival of innovations

On the 28th of September 2022, the third edition of the innovation festival INOFEST took place in the new Bučany congress center near Trnava. 

The event, organized by the association INOVATO, aims to encourage innovations and to raise the profile of the business environment in Slovakia. The intention of the festival was to give the participating companies an opportunity to present their projects and ideas, and to network in order to gain new contacts for potential cooperation. 

The event brought together business leaders, experts and representatives of innovative institutions who created a lively discussion together. The main topics were the trends and challenges of modern society and the commercial world. The speakers addressed various topics in their presentations, e.g. the future of engineering production, the potential of modular production or the prospects for the use of artificial intelligence in industry.

The program included, among other activities, a panel discussion on the topic of innovations in Slovakia. Mária Bieliková took part in the debate together with representatives from CIVITTA, SAPIE and other innovative local institutions. 

Mária Bieliková also presented our new project Hopero. This European project upgrades companies and their people for the digital era. It focuses mainly on small and medium-sized enterprises. It raises the digital level of businesses by strengthening and expanding the community of innovators, improving access to funding and adopting artificial intelligence.

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The highlight of the evening was the annual Innovator of the year award.  This year, the prize was given to Jozef Gáborik, whose company GRIZZLI.SKI designed and produced the world’s lightest mountaineering ski bindings.