DaiZ Meetup in Prague

Our researcher Róbert Móro recently attended the DaiZ Meetup in Prague, organized by the University of Economics in Prague, with the support of the Czech Society for Artificial Intelligence and the European Association for Artificial Intelligence. The event was a continuation of the Datakon and Data and Knowledge conferences held from 2000 to 2019,which our researchers attended.

The meetup hosted researchers from prominent universities such as the University of Economics and Charles University in Prague, and the Brno University of Technology. Representatives from IT companies also participated in the event.

The focus of lectures and panel discussions centered around large language models, with Róbert Móro presenting during the poster presentation on the topic of “Mitigating the Impact of Disinformation Using Artificial Intelligence.” 

His presentation focused on combating disinformation, which commonly spreads online and has serious consequences in the physical world. He talked about the development of methods and tools to support fact-checkers in our European projects, such as CEDMO, vera.ai, VIGILANT, DisAI and AI-CODE

This meetup provided an ideal opportunity for AI professionals and enthusiasts to share experiences, exchange opinions, and delve into the world of large language models.