COINTT conference: White spaces in innovation and technology transfer

Innovation is the driving force behind progress and growth, continually seeking ways to address unmet needs and explore new opportunities. In the dynamic landscapes of business and technology, these uncharted areas are commonly known as ‘white spaces.’

Take part in the COINTT conference and learn more about how to effectively harness these ‘white spaces’ in technological field. The event will take place from October 24th to 25th, 2023, in the Saffron Hotel in Bratislava.

Over the course of this two-day conference, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in captivating lectures, presentations, and panel discussions. The agenda features interesting discussions with various experts, including our researcher, Michal Kompan.

Michal will take part in a panel discussion on the potential of AI in business optimization and building new customer relationships, covering aspects ranging from process automation to virtual assistants and AI-assisted content creation.

Participation in the conference is free, all you need to do is register here.

In the meanwhile, you can read Mária Bieliková’s interview for the conference. She talked about innovation through artificial intelligence, digitization and knowledge transfer and about our project Hopero. You can read the interview here (in Slovak language).