CEDMO Conference: Dilemmas in European Democracy

Join us for the second annual CEDMO conference, this time on the topic: Dilemmas in European Democracy: Is the Community Heading towards Political Nightfall and Technological Anomy? Conference is organized by the CEDMO project that KInIT is a part of.

CEDMO’s goal is to create a strong hub for fighting disinformation in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. We do this by fact-checking, promoting media literacy, and, most importantly, developing AI tools to support fact-checking. 

The one-day, in-person conference will take place on November 6, 2023 in Charles University in Prague. Continuing from the success of previous year’s conference, the event will explore a wide range of pressing topics, such as elections in Central Europe (namely in Slovakia and Poland), the role of fact-checking and democracy, technological challenges, and regulatory actions, which all represent key instruments in combating the spread of disinformation.

You can look forward to a lineup of engaging speakers, including European experts and key stakeholders, who will participate in three panels to discuss the following topics:

  • Democracy, Elections and Fact-Checking in Central Europe
  • Technological challenges and regulatory responses
  • Rethinking media literacy

You can find the registration here.